You can delete your future leaves by typing "delete" as a direct message to AttendanceBot. You will get a list of all upcoming time off requests (including today) and you can click "Delete" to delete them. Be careful, as once you have deleted a request, you cannot un-delete, though you can always apply again.

Type delete --> click [Delete]

Confirm the leave deletion

and you are done.

NOTE: If you want to delete past requests (vacation requests with a start date older than today), then only your manager is authorised to do that. Ask your manager to say "delete @YourUserName" and then she will get a list similar to the one you got except that she would be able to delete any past or upcoming vacation.

If you have multiple leaves (recurring leaves) to delete you can reach out to our 24x7 support by saying "dialm" and we'll get it done for you.