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Applying and approving time off

Almost any thinkable format works.


On vacation tomorrow

wfh next Monday 

leave from mm-dd to mm-dd

sick leave on Oct 19th

on leave from Thursday to next Wednesday


There's a confirm dialog that prevents you from creating a wrong vacation request. 

While applying for time off you can also state the reason like On vacation tomorrow for attending a funeral. In this case attending a funeral shows up as a remark in the leave request. 

If you're a manager you will receive leave requests with interactive buttons using which you can approve or reject leave requests. 

More details on how to apply for time off but you can ignore this one for a later date.

Deleting vacation requests

You can type delete leaves to see a list of your most recent vacations that you can delete. If you want to edit a vacation request, we request you delete it and then apply a new one. You can only delete future requests. To delete a past or approved request, please ask your manager.

As a manager you can delete leaves of people you are managing. A manager can delete both future and past requests for an individual by typing delete leaves @username. 

Changing your manager

To change your manager just type change manager and then follow the instructions. You can view who is set as your manager by typing my manager. 

You can also view the list of people who have set you as a manager by typing my reportees. 

Adding leaves to calendars

Type cal to get a web link to your calendar. You can add it to your calendar by following the instructions here

Status and reports

To see your own leave summary along with your team just type summary. You can also view the summary for a particular day by typing summary for next Monday or summary 16th Dec.

To view summary of one of your co-workers, type summary @username. 

You can also check the status of your colleagues by asking is @username in today? or is @username in on Monday?

You can get a csv format report by typing report. Please note this report is only for the current monthTo get an all time report type full report.

Asking for help

If you need help, just type dialm and you will be connected with our live support agents. They sometime take long lunch breaks and when that happens, you can just type in your question and they will get back to you very soon.