AttendanceBot can keep your team on the same page by announcing the upcoming vacations for people. 

Whose data is announced on a channel?

Say you have 2 teams,

  • Engineering - Adam, Liz, Barry
  • Marketing - Garry, Arnold

and 3 channels

  • General - Adam, Liz, Barry, Garry, Arnold
  • OOT - Adam, Liz, Barry, Arnold, @attendancebot
  • Fun - Adam, Liz, Barry, Garry, Arnold

In this case since @attendancebot is in only one channel, it will announce vacation requests and upcoming leaves in OOT for the entire company.

If @attendancebot gets invited into Fun channel as well (so now its present in 2 channels). It will start behaving differently and only announce leaves of Adam, Liz, Barry and Arnold in OOT and Adam, Liz, Barry, Garry, Arnold in Fun.

If you want to announce attendance for each team separately, please create multiple channels for different teams and invite @attendancebot there. It will start notifying those channel with upcoming vacations of people belonging to that channel. Note again that if attendancebot is present only in 1 channel, it will always announce the vacations of all users in that channel even if a given user is not present on the channel.

What announcements will actually get posted to the channel

  • At 9am (on working days), AttendanceBot announces the day's vacations
  • At 4pm (on working days except friday), AttendanceBot announces following day's vacations
  • On Friday at 4pm, AttendanceBot announces following week's vacations

The announcements will only mention the availability information of the person and not give away the exact vacation type or comments that the employee gave when applying for leave to protect everyone's privacy. If you'd like us to change this for your team, please type 'dialm' to connect with our live support and tell us.

In case you use time tracking features and want to enabling announcing every punch-in, out and breaks, you can read more about that.