A manager's job is to approve her reportee's leaves. They get an approval request when their reportee applies for time off that needs their approval or they get an FYI notification when their reportee submits a time off request that does not require an approval (like say a WFH or a sick leave). In case a manager has missed a leave approval notification, they can simply type "pending leaves" to quickly get a list of vacation requests pending their approval.

A manager can look at their reportees by saying "my reportees."

They can look at their team's absence report by saying "team report" and look at their team's time tracking report by saying "timesheet team report". They can get a quick team absence summary for someone by saying "summary @reportee" and a quick timesheet report by saying "timesheet @reportee".

They can also apply for time off on behalf of their reportee by saying "@reportee vacation tomorrow". 

Please note a manager cannot punch in on behalf of their reportee.