Before configuring announcements, you'll need to first make sure AttendanceBot has been added to any relevant Slack channels. You can do so by:

  • Typing @attendancebot in the channel
  • Sending "/invite @attendancebot" in the channel
  • Clicking on the channel to pull up channel details --> going to the integrations tab --> add an app --> add AttendanceBot

Once added, navigate to configuration by pulling up the "menu" and selecting "Settings, people, policy" > "Notifications."

This will link you directly to the channel notifications tab of the Notification module.

- Click on "Create new" to begin configuring a new notification rule.

- Select the "In/Out Notifications" tile, configure the channel, people, and timing for the notification, and hit "save changes."

- To include notifications for break & lunch punches, you'll need to create a separate or additional notification "Break/Lunch notifications" with similar configuration option.

- And finally, if you'd like one or many status snapshots posted to a channel, you'll want to create a "Punch card" notification to announce status at a given time of day.

A final note: you may create multiple versions of each notification covering different channels, different personnel, different and different times of day - it's up to you!

For more info about channel notification options, try this article.

Please let us know if you need any assistance by typing "Dialm" to raise a ticket with us.