To add, remove or edit punches for any user in AttendanceBot, please follow the steps below :

1. Type edit punches as a direct message to AttendanceBot and follow the link :

2. Select the TEAM TIMESHEET option from the left hand side of the screen. Then select the date range and the user, for whom you want to view the data for, and click on Submit button. The list will show you the date wise breakdown of the punches and you can click on Expand button to view the punches for a particular day.

3. You can then delete the Punch In or Out time, for a particular day, by clicking on the delete icon against that punch time or you can edit it by clicking on the edit icon (represented by a pencil).

4. To add a new punch in time, punch out time or punch in-out pair, click on the Add Punches button. A dialogue box will open, where you can fill out the details of the Punch In-Out Date & Time.