Format for all types of leaves is same, only you have to be specific about the type of leave

Normal/PTO/Monthly/Annual Leaves

leave today

leave tomorrow

leave on thursday

leave on 10-02

leave from 10-17 to 10-20

leave from 10-17 to 10-20, Conference at San Jose           <you can also specify comma separated reason for leave>

Sick Leave ( or sl )

sick leave today

sl tomorrow

sick leave on thursday

sl on 10-02

sick leave from 10-17 to 10-20

Workfrom Home or WFH

wfh today

wfh tomorrow

work from home on thursday

wfh on 10-02

wfh from 10-17 to 10-20

Travel Leave

travel leave today

travelling on 10-02

travelling to California on thursday

wfh on 10-19

wfh from 10-18 to 10-20

Half Day Leave

leave first half

leave second half

wfh first half

wfh second half

leave first half, Doctor's appointment                               <you also specify comma separated reason for leave>

Hourly Leave

leave for 2 hrs

leave for 3 hrs on 09-15

leave for 2 hours from 09-12 to 09-18

(you can also mention today, tomorrow as well as weekday `wednesday`)

Manager's can also apply for a leave on behalf of their reportee

leave on 05-18 @User       < @User is the slack username of reportee and for such cases leave request don't go for approval >


delete                                 <this will show all upcoming leaves which can be deleted>

Past leaves can only be deleted by managers

delete @User                     <@User is the slack username of reportee>


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