Time Tracking

in                                                                <this'll lets you to punch in @ current time stamp>

out                                                              <this'll punch you out @ current time stamp>


in for Task                                           <Anything you say after the keyword "For" is recorded as a comment that will showup in the timesheet report>

in for Beta release 2.0

in for Andrew's project

you can simply type out to stop counting time against a task


Use the "projects" command to generate new projects or edit existing ones. Once a project is created, every time some on punches in, they will have to pick a project from the drop-down that would be shown.

Insert/Update/Delete a punch in or out --> Only work for Manager on behalf of their reportees

add punches @User

edit punches @User

delete punches @User


Check current status of your employees

Punch Card                                               <By default this command works only for admin/managers. Do reach out to us by typing dialm to enable it for all>

Communicate when you are out for lunch or on a break


brb 10 min

break 15 minutes

View Daily data

timesheet                                                  <this'll show your current day data>

weekly timesheet

timesheet @User                                      <managers can check timesheet data of their direct reportees, where @User is reportees slack username>

Timesheet report --> Downloadable as a CSV

timesheet report                                       

team timesheet report                            <this'll give a report that shows every punch in and out for every employee. Managers can run this report for their team and designated HR and admins can run this for the entire company>

timesheet report from 05-01 to 05-30

team timesheet report from 05-01 to 05-30

Payroll report   --> Downloadable as a CSV

payroll report from 05-01 to 05-30     <this'll give a report that shows only the day's total time for every person on the team. Most used for doing payroll>


We do support overtime as well. Connect with us to let us know overtime needs and we will get it setup for your team.

Announcements and other Settings

  • The admin for the team can head over to the settings dashboard by typing "settings" and configure the announcements from the "Time Tracking Announcements" section.
  • In the "Time Tracking Settings" section on the dashboard, the admin can configure punch in/out reminders, default lunch and break durations etc.
  • If you want to enable specific shifts for employees, head over to the "Shift Management" page on the settings dashboard and click on the person for whom you want to setup a custom shift. Once set, the employee is reminded to punch in/out for their shift at the time of their shift.