Time Tracking

in                                                                <this'll lets you to punch in @ current time stamp>

out                                                              <this'll punch you out @ current time stamp>

Task/Project based tracking

in for Project X                                           <you have to specify task or project name after in followed by for>

in for Beta release 2.0

in for Andrew's project

you can simply type out to stop counting time against a task

Insert/Update/Delete a punch in or out --> Only work for Manager on behalf of their reportees

add punches @User

edit punches @User

delete punches @User


Check current status of your employees

Punch Card                                               <By default this command works only for admin/managers. Do reach out to us by typing dialm to enable it for all>

Communicate when you are out for lunch or on a break


brb 10 min

break 15 minutes

View Daily data

timesheet                                                  <this'll show your current day data>

weekly timesheet

timesheet @User                                      <managers can check timesheet data of their direct reportees, where @User is reportees slack username>

Download report

timesheet report

team timesheet report

timesheet report from 05-01 to 05-30

team timesheet report from 05-01 to 05-30

Generate Payroll report

payroll report from 05-01 to 05-30

Didn't find what you are looking for, just type dialm and we'll help you out right there.