It's just three easy steps to download reporting on leave and vacation for your team:

1) Start by opening the options "Menu", then select "Data & Integrations". From here you'll click on "Reports"

2) In the report menu you'll want to download the Leave Report, which is a history of all approved leaves. You might also be interested in the Leave Summary Report,  which shows total days/hours taken over a period of time for each employee, or the Balance Report if you'd like a snapshot of current employee balances.

3) Select from the preset durations, or choose your own date range including dates in the future or past. Then decide if you'd like to download all employee data (per your view permissions) or just one employee, or choose to see data for a single office or department. Hit Confirm once you've selected the appropriate report parameters.

- For those on the go, you can directly pop up the report menu by messaging Report to AttendanceBot. And if you're even more pressed for time, you can instantly download a configured report by messaging "leave report <start_date> to <end_date>, like "leave report mar 15 to jun 1"


To generate a payroll report which includes timesheet and leave data, you can follow this article