Apply break:

To apply for a break in AttendanceBot, just type "break for 10 mins" or "brb in 10 mins". You can set the duration as per your convenience.

Once the break time is up, AttendanceBot will ask if you want to punch back in or continue your break.

If you are done with your break, select "Yes", or press the "No, still on break" if you want to extend it. 

AttendanceBot will then ask you to provide a time by which you want to extend your break. You can type the duration and press enter to confirm your new break time.

Apply Lunch:

To apply for a lunch, just type "lunch" to the app and you will receive a confirmation. The lunch duration can be set from the settings Panel.

You can refer to this article on how to add lunch hours.


If you are back early from your break or lunch time, you can punch back in anytime by typing :in" to the app) and your lunch/break duration will be calculated accordingly.