1. Managers can download the report by simply typing in the command 'report' into the AttendanceBot and following the prompt. Select the report type as "Payroll Report" or "Payroll Summary Report" from the drop down as per your requirement & enter details like  report type, duration, employees and hit "Confirm".

2. Admins can also type 'payroll report', select the department and get a day by day hourly summary of everyone in the org along with their total hours in the payroll period. 

You can also provide an optional date range like 'payroll report from 1st Nov to 14th Nov' to narrow down the report to a specific field. 

3. The report would look something like this: 

We are also happy to customise your team's payroll report as per your needs. Just type 'dialm' and get in touch with our customer success team to learn more about this.