At base, all AttendanceBot needs to understand a leave request is a date and a leave type, and once a request is detected, AttendanceBot will verify the details of the request for final confirmation by the requester.


While leave type must be configured specifically for each company's policies and terminology, dates accept most common inputs including:

  • July 4th 2024
  • jul 4
  • 07/04 or 4/7 (month/day order depends on account-level configuration)
  • today
  • tomorrow
  • day after tomorrow
  • monday
  • this friday
  • last thu
  • next tue

This works the same for date ranges (jul 4 to 8) and date times (today 2 to 4pm), but note that the "-" symbol will not be accepted.

Here's a handful of examples for inspiration:

  • wfh tomorrow
  • sick this morning
  • appt 2 to 4pm today
  • vacation jul 4 to 7
  • ito every friday
  • london office next week

For further reference

1. how to apply for half days and hourly time offs
2. how to set up different leave types for your team

You can also refer to this short video walkthrough about applying for time off