We support a conversational approach to applying for time off.

TLDR - Just do it by seeing the examples

  • WFH tomorrow
  • Sick - Omitting a specific date is assumed to be a request for 'today'
  • Vacation 1/12 to 3/12 - this is a request for 3 days of time off including 1st and 3rd of December
  • Working remotely this friday
  • Working from London Office next week - This means you are planning to work from a remote week for the entire next week.

Tedious details follow. 

Simply say 'leave', 'vacation', 'time off' etc to denote a vacation or time off, 'sick leave' to denote a sick day and 'wfh' or 'working from home' to denote working from home.

You can specify the start date and end date in different formats

  • Numerical form MM-DD or MM/DD. 
  • You can phrases like 'today', 'tomorrow', 'day after tomorrow', 'next week', 'last Friday', 'this Tuesday'. 
  • You can say "Jan 30" or "March 21, 2017"

The bot would verify the actual date with you before recording your leave request.