1. AttendanceBot comes with 6 different default vacation types. 




Working from home

Working from office

Working remotely

2. Team admins can of course edit them and create many more as per their team's needs by heading to the AttendanceBot dashboard-->Vacation Management-->Leaves-->Leaves types & quotas section. You can also set whether you need an approval process for any specific leave types.

3. You can simply type in the leave type name, followed with the date and hit "confirm"

4. Alternatively you can also type in commands like 'on vacation on 4th of May' to request time off.

You can also provide a remark by the "Add comment" section

You can find more info by typing 'help' and selecting the topic you need help on.

If you have limited time off policy and would like to set up an accrual logic for your employees, this article would help you set it up or if you need more assistance, please write to sarah@anaek.com and we'll help you set it up.