AttendanceBot easily integrates with your Google or Outlook calendar. You'll have the option of subscribing a public calendar to view your team's leave on a shared calendar, or integrating with a personal calendar to automatically set OOO and block unavailable time based on requested leave.

To integrate, simply message "cal" as a DM to AttendanceBot and follow the prompts.

For personal calendar integration, which allows you to automatically set OOO and block time in Outlook or Gcal, select "Enable" for the appropriate personal calendar and follow the link provided. This will walk you through an automatic sync  process with your calendar provider.

For public calendar integration, which subscribes a chosen calendar to the AttendanceBot calendar, select "get link" and copy the calendar link displayed. Then follow the appropriate steps for your calendar type:

Apple Calendar

  1. Open Apple Calendar and press ⌘-Option-S or select “New Calendar Subscription” from the “File” menu
  2. Paste the URL and click “Subscribe”
  3. In the following dialog, select “Every Hour” from the “Auto-refresh” dropdown in order to keep the calendar current

Google Calendar
  1. Go to your Google Calendar
  2. Click the down arrow next to “Other calendars” and select “Add by URL”
  3. Paste the URL and click “Add calendar”

Office 365/Outlook 365
  1. Sign in to Office365
  2. Click on the “Other Calendars” menu, and choose “Open Calendar”
  3. Enter the URL into “Internet Calendar” and click “Open”
  1. Go to calendar and log in
  2. Click “import” at the top of the window
  3. Paste the URL into “Calendar URL” and enter a name into “Calendar Name”
  4. Click “Subscribe”

Outlook 2016/2013

  1. Switch to the calendar module.
  2. In the Manage Calendars group on the toolbar, click Open Calendar.
  3. Select the From Internet option.
  4. Provide the path of your Internet calendar file.
  5. Click OK.

Here is a quick video for your reference:

Note: All calendars use local time of the user as determined by Microsoft Teams. If you are a distributed team with colleagues in different time zones, you will see their time off converted to your local timezone.