To locate the missing users in AttendanceBot, head to your settings dashboard by sending "settings" command to the AttendanceBot and follow the link. Once in, please navigate to the People--->Personnel page and follow the steps below :

1. If the user is not visible in the list, she may be inactive. To reactivate the user, switch the toggle OFF for "Show Active personnel only" and view all the profiles including the Inactive ones 

2. Search for the particular user, switch the toggle button to "Active", hit save and the user will be activated.

3. To confirm, you can switch the toggle ON for "Show Active personnel only" and see if the user is reflecting under it.

4. If the user is still not visible, click on the RE-SYNC button on the top right hand side of the Personnel page.

5. You will receive a message stating that the sync is in progress.
6. As soon as the sync completes, AttendanceBot will notify you of the same on your MS teams.

MS Teams: 

If both these steps don't work, please contact us at open a ticket with us by typing "Dialm"