In 5 simple steps, you can start a super simple, yet really efficient onboarding experience for your employees. The best part is, it works entirely over Slack. 

1. You can create onboarding tasks lists like 'Onboarding for designers' or 'General onboarding list for all employees that contain a list of tasks to be executed by them.

2. Each task is a text with specific instructions as illustrated in the screenshot below.

3. Every task list can be assigned to a set of new employees. 

4. When an employee is assigned a new task list, they get a message in Slack informing them about it. They can then move through the list by marking the items as done and pull up the remaining tasks by sending 'my tasks'.

5. Admins and HRs can click on the arrow next to the Onboarding task to monitor the progress of each employee and view the completion details of each task in a task list. 


That's it, It is really this simple to assign and track tasks for a smooth new employee onboarding. 

Please give this a try and let me know if you have any questions.