Time off in lieu is where employers agree to give paid time off in lieu of overtime hours worked by employees instead of extra pay. 

Setting up Time-off-in-lieu

Head over to Settings -> Time Tracking -> Overtime and enable the set the toggle ON for “Time off in lieu (TOIL)" option to allow team members to avail time off in lieu of overtime hours.

A new leave type “toil” will be created for your team. You can check it out by heading to "leave types and quotas" present under "vacation management" tab

Define the number of hours beyond which an employee starts working overtime hours by creating daily or weekly hours beyond which the extra hours will be banked in "TOIL" leave 

How do I apply for TOIL ?

Please type “apply”, select “toil”, and enter the duration you wish to apply time-off for. You can check out the TOIL balance between the brackets while applying leave

You can also check your TOIL balance by typing “balance” as a DM to AttendanceBot.