AttendanceBot is a time-tracking and vacation management tool that tracks PTO and vacation time for your employees as well as the hours worked. 

With a simple “in” and “out” messages, you can log in your hours and even track the time spent on projects. Request time-offs by typing “apply” and update your vacation status. 

By integrating AttendanceBot and Gusto, you can run payroll for the hours worked by your employees.

Connect AttendanceBot to Gusto

  • Head to the settings page on AttendanceBot by typing "settings" on your chat app (Slack, MS Teams, or Google Chat).
  • Click Integrations---->Integrate with Gusto” to connect a pre-existing account or sign up for a new Gusto account.
  • Enter Gusto credentials and Authorize.
  • Once successful, you’ll get a confirmation message.

If you are new to Gusto, you can also create an account on Gusto by clicking on “Create a new account”.

Map employees from Gusto to AttendanceBot

  • From your company, review the list of employees you’d like to sync to AttendanceBot.
  • Sync employees and map them to AttendanceBot.
  • Unmapped employees from Gusto are shown on the right side of the screen where you can select and map any of the employees.


Send timesheet data to Gusto

  • On the Payroll tab, select the pay period that you’d like to sync to Gusto.
  • Click on the pay period and see the employee hours.
  • Click on “Sync” to send the hours to Gusto.
  • Once done, you won’t be able to edit hours on AttendanceBot.
  • Click on "Re-import data from Gusto" to fetch the updated information on the Gusto tab.

Note: Gusto integration is available on the pro plan.

Connecting Gusto to Slack/MS Teams/Google Chat

  • Go to the Settings sections and click the Integrations tab.
  • Click Provisioning apps under “Featured”.
  • Choose the software you’d like to connect and click "Connect".
  • Enter login credentials.
  • Allow Gusto access to the software.
  • Once connected you’ll have the option to Match your accounts, which will match your existing employee accounts in Gusto with the accounts in the third party app.