Users don’t show up on our Personnel page usually because AttendanceBot has not been installed in the team scope.

You can sort this out by adding the bot to your team scope so that everyone in that Microsoft Teams team will be able to use it. 

To do so you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Click on the three-dot radio button placed next to your team name & click on the Manage team

2. Once you are on the manage team page go to the Apps tab & click on the More Apps button

3. This will open up the app directory of Microsoft Teams where you can search for AttendanceBot and add it to the team

This will enable all your team members to access AttendanceBot. 

Once done, you can check on your People>>Personnel page of AttendanceBot if the users are acquired or not, if not please log a ticket for us by typing 'Dialm' in the bot so that our customer success team can help you.