AttendanceBot syncs up directly with Slack and Microsoft Teams, so you will only be able to add new users who are members of your Slack or Teams workspace. Note that Teams allows guest users to sign in with AttendanceBot, but Slack does not. For anyone you've already added to your Slack or MS Teams workspace, it's super simple to activate in AttendanceBot! 

Option 1: have AttendanceBot activate new users automatically (use this option if you'd like new workspace members to become AttendanceBot users by default).

  • Go to your main 'settings' dashboard
  • Scroll down and toggle on "Activate new users"
  • (Optionally: also toggle on "Auto invite new users" if you'd like them to receive a welcome message from AttendanceBot)


Option 2: manually choose which new workspace members are activated in AttendanceBot.

1) Open the 'settings' dashboard and head to people --> personnel tab (you can go here directly by messaging 'profile') 

2) In the middle of your screen, make sure the "Show active personnel only" toggle is turned off, otherwise your new user will be hidden. 

3) Use the search bar or scroll to look up the new user profile. Once found, simply toggle their status at the right to "Active" 

4) You can optionally set up additional fields at this time by clicking on their name and inputting their manager, office, department, join date, and any other relevant information. For more information on profile setup, try this article.

5) You can also trigger a welcome message from AttendanceBot by going to the Invite page (People > Invite), selecting the employee you just activated and sending the default message or your own custom welcome.

If you still are unable to find your teammate, please write us at or chat "dialm" to AttendanceBot to open a support ticket with us.