Slack or Microsoft Teams

If you're using AttendanceBot with Slack or MS Teams, your team members will automatically be available in your team on AttendanceBot. You can find them under the People section in your settings panel (send 'settings' as a direct message to @attendancebot to access it). If you are missing some users, you can try the resync option available. 

Sometimes some users may remain Inactive and you can activate them by flipping the Active-Inactive switch against their names in the Personnel page.

Google chat

To invite your team members invite @attendancebot in a room with all your team members and ask them to send a hi message to it. As your team members send a 'hi' message to @attendancebot, they will start joining your team in AttendanceBot.


If you are using AttendanceBot on the web in your browser, you can invite your team members using the Invite section under the People option in the dashboard.  They will receive email invitations and can join your team by accepting it. You can also delete existing invites or send reminders for already sent invites.