1. User can simply type in the command with the leave type name, followed with the date and hit "confirm"

2. Alternatively they can apply by using conversational approach as well. Few examples are: 

  • WFH tomorrow
  • Sick - Omitting a specific date is assumed to be a request for 'today'
  • Vacation 05/04 to 05/07 - this is a request for 4 days of time off including 4th and 7th of May
  • Working remotely this friday
  • Working from London Office next week - This means you are planning to work from a remote week for the entire next week.

Tedious details follow. 

Simply say 'leave', 'vacation', 'time off' etc to denote a vacation or time off, 'sick leave' to denote a sick day and 'wfh' or 'working from home' to denote working from home.

3. You can specify the start date and end date in different formats

  • Numerical form MM-DD or MM/DD. 
  • You can phrases like 'today', 'tomorrow', 'day after tomorrow', 'next week', 'last Friday', 'this Tuesday'. 
  • You can say "Jan 30" or "March 21, 2021"

The AttendanceBot would verify the actual date with you before recording your leave request.