1. We do have integrations with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Office 365 and Outlook.com. You can subscribe to your team's vacation calendar in any of of these calendars.

2. Type "cal" as a direct message (DM) and choose the calendar you would want to sync with by clicking on "Enable". The third option here is to subscribe to a new public calendar that has leaves for your team, you can simply click on "Get Link" to subscribe to this.

3. The other calendars can be synced in the following manner:

Apple Calendar

  1. Open Apple Calendar and press ⌘-Option-S or select “New Calendar Subscription” from the “File” menu
  2. Paste the URL and click “Subscribe”
  3. In the following dialog, select “Every Hour” from the “Auto-refresh” dropdown in order to keep the calendar current

Office 365/Outlook 365

  1. Sign in to Office365
  2. Click on the “Other Calendars” menu, and choose “Open Calendar”
  3. Enter the URL into “Internet Calendar” and click “Open”

4. All calendars use local time of the user. If you are a distributed team with people in different time zones, you would see the time off requests for colleagues converted to your local timezone.