You can view employee punch status anytime on the live punch board, or in Microsoft Teams using status syncing or the punch card request. 

1. To visit the punch board:

1. Head to AttendanceBot dashboard-->Time Tracking--> Punch board

2. The punch board is a filterable, live-updating view showing the status of everyone on your team (or everyone you manage if you’re not an admin). You can filter by office, department, or direct reports (if you’re an admin), and each employee card will show the time of their last punch, the project they’re working on (if using projects), and whether they’re on leave, in the office, at home, or at an appointment.

  • Working shows all employees currently punched in.

  • Break shows all employees on break or lunch.

  • Unavailable shows all employees who are clocked out but have previously scheduled leave on the calendar.

  • Out shows all employees who are clocked out and have not otherwise scheduled time off.

Alternatively, to view statuses in Microsoft Teams

1. Each user (team member) will have to individually grant status permissions by messaging "my status" to AttendanceBot and following Microsoft permissions prompts.

2. To pull up a text summary of everyone’s status, DM AttendanceBot “punch card” at any time to show a live snapshot of punch information in text format

Note: You can also set up real time alerts to yourself as a manager or to a specific channel for punches.