It's pretty simply and self explanatory actually :) 

1. Head to the home page of the dashboard and click on "PUNCH IN"

2. Select the required project (that is, if you are assigned one) and click on "Punch in Right now". You can also choose to manually enter the time.

3. Your work status on the screen (right hand side) will update from "Punched Out" to "Working"

4. To avail a break, simply click on "Take a Break". You can either choose lunch or break as per your requirement 

The screen would flash a message that looks something like this. Note that an option to "Resume Work" starts reflecting on the left hand side and your work status (right hand side) prompts "Break"

5. Once you are done with your break, click on the "Resume Work" option to clock back in.

6. To clock-out, simply click on "Punch-Out" option. Again, you would have the option to either "Punch out right now" or manually enter the time.

Didn't find what you are looking for, just type dialm and we'll help you out right there.