Add the bot to Slack by searching for "AttendanceBot" under Apps, clicking "Add to Slack" and follow the prompts.

2. Once added, the app on-boards the admin and asks permission to introduce itself to the team. We would recommend you say yes.

3. Now everyone would get a direct message from AttendanceBot and they can start using the AttendanceBot for leave tracking and time tracking.

  • Tip 1: We suggest that you create a special channel in Slack for announcing your team's attendance. Once the channel is created, just invite AttendanceBot by typing the command "/invite @attendancebot" in the new channel.
  • Tip 2: Say "help" to know the commands and when you get stuck say "dialm" to connect with someone on our team who would help you through live chat.

If you wish to invite your team, here's an article you can follow