To record your time (aka punch in, clock in, sign in) - simple send "Menu" as a direct message to AttendanceBot. This will open an option menu which includes quick-actions for clocking in, out, break, and lunch.

- To punch in: select the "In ✅" button to start recording your hours. If this button says "Out ❌" then you're already signed in.

For those tracking projects, "In ✅" will pull up a menu of assigned project and/or clients, along with a submenu of tasks based on your selection. Choose a project and hit confirm to complete your punch and receive confirmation. To switch projects, use quick "in" messages to avoid signing out. More information about project tracking can be found in this article.


- To punch out: select the "Out ❌" button to stop recording your hours entirely.

For those tracking breaks or lunch, use these buttons instead of "out" to temporarily halt the clock and classify break or lunch time correctly.

- For those on the go, all actions can be short-cut by typing the keyword on each action button. To record your punches, simply message the keywords "in" and "out" as a direct message (DM) to the AttendanceBot.

- To grab data, open the "Data & Integrations" section of the menu and click on "Reports." Alternatively, you can view quick summary data by typing "timesheet" or "timesheet report" for a csv. You can check out this article explaining more.

Here is a quick video walkthrough if you prefer: