To record your punches for in and out, simply type the command "in" and "out" as a direct message (DM) to the AttendanceBot.

a) If you have project assigned to you, then AttendanceBot will give you the prompt to enter the details like Project name, client etc. You can select these from the drop down and hit "confirm"

b) After the details have been entered and confirmed, you will receive a message like this :

c) For punching out, simply type in the command "out" into the AttendanceBot.


You can look at your summary for the current day by typing "timesheet" and to generate the report, please type "timesheet report". You can check out this article explaining how can you do that

You can always get a quick reference to the time tracking features by typing help.


To track your time for a specific project or a client, just follow this article