1. To apply for time off for few hours, you can type the "Apply" command into the AttendanceBot and follow the prompt

2. Select the option for Leave type and duration as per your requirement and update the details like date, time etc by using the drop down and hit Submit

Once approved, you will receive a notification that looks like this:

3. Alternatively, you can use conversational approach to applying for time off - AttendanceBot supports this as well :)

Just do it by seeing the examples (TLDR)

  • WFH tomorrow
  • Sick - Omitting a specific date is assumed to be a request for 'today'
  • Vacation 1/12 to 3/12 - this is a request for 3 days of time off including 1st and 3rd of December
  • Working remotely this friday
  • Working from London Office next week - This means you are planning to work from a remote week for the entire next week.

For tedious details : please refer to the attached file

Here is a list of the different types of leaves we support.

By default all leaves are considered full day, you can also apply for half day leaves.

4. When applying for a leave you can give an optional comment that would be sent to your manager when asking for approval. The comment is also visible in the report that you download. It does not show up anywhere else and is not visible to any of your colleagues.