To edit your timesheet in AttendanceBot:

  1. From the "Menu" select "Timesheet actions". You will see an option to edit the timesheet labelled “Edit”. This will link you directly to your timesheet editor on the dashboard.

      2. Make your selections and hit submit. “Submit” will load data for new selections.

  • Dates: The timesheet editor will automatically show you the last 7 days of data. To pick a different range, click on the blue “Date Range” dropdown and choose a quick option like “this week,” “this month,” or “last month” or select custom to specify any date range of your choosing.

  • People: By default your own data will be displayed. If you have reportees, you will be able to search and select another employee to view and edit their timesheet.

       3. Once you have submitted your selection, each day will be represented by a tile summarizing work hours and                   break hours for the day. To view or edit specific punches, click expand on any day to open up the minute-by-                  minute punch history.                   

       4. You will now have several options to edit the timesheet:

  • To change the time of a specific punch in/out: Click on the pencil icon in the punch row to open an editor pop-up. Update any details of the punch and hit "save" - this will automatically flag the change on reporting, including the editor and timestamp of edit.

  • To delete a punch entry, simply click on the trashcan at the far right of the punch row. You will receive a deletion confirmation before the deletion is finalized.

  • To add a completely new entry - a missing punch in, punch out, or break/lunch - click on the green “add punches” button which will pop out a new punch entry menu. You will need to choose the type of entry (punch in/out pair, punch out/in pair, single punch in, single punch out, or lunch/break) along with the dates, times, any project tags and any remarks. Hit “save” to create the punch entry.

Note: Employees will only be able to update their punches if their admin has enabled "Allow self editing of punches" in timesheet settings.

Here is a quick video walkthrough if you prefer: