There are 2 ways to look at a absence data: 

  1. Summary - these are quick summaries that are showed in slack
  2. Reports - these are elaborate reports that get generated as a CSV file that can be downloaded and manipulated using a spreadsheet program like MS excel or Google Sheets


1. To get your absence summary, say "summary"

2. To get a quick summary of a colleague or a reportee say "summary @UserName"

3. While managers can see leave types for their reportees along with past as well as upcoming leaves, when looking at your colleagues leaves, you would only get to see upcoming leaves/wfh without knowing the exact leave types.


1. To get your absence report for all time, users can simply type "full report".

2. Managers can download any kind of report by simply typing in the command 'report' into the AttendanceBot and following the prompt. Select the report type from the drop down as per your requirement & enter details like  report type, duration, employees and hit "Confirm".

3. Team administrator can get the entire company's current month's report by saying "team report" and the entire company's report for all time by saying "full report".

4. All managers//Administrator can also say "Team report from dd-mm-yyyy to dd-mm-yyyy"  to get the entire company's report for the specified time. Note that dates need to be in this specific format.


You can write command like "Status @UserName on 'date' " to know their availability for particular date

OR "status @UserName" to know their availability today.