How to pass hours from AttendanceBot to Gusto for contractors you ask?

1. Download hours CSV from AttendanceBot and upload it to Gusto to process payroll for hourly wage contractors.

2. Head to Settings -> Gusto -> Sync 1099 Employees. You’ll see contractors matched between AttendanceBot and Gusto (contractors are matched on the basis of their email address). In case a contractor from Gusto is not matched to the corresponding contractor on AttendanceBot, select the same under “Unmatched Contractors” and match them.

3. Select the pay period for which you wish to generate their hours and click “Generate report”. Note that hours are populated only for hourly wage contractors.

4. Upload the hours CSV to contractor payroll on Gusto to process their payroll.

Give this a try & let us know if you face any challenges setting these up.