You can apply for leave in AttendanceBot in just 3 simple steps.

1) Message "menu" to AttendanceBot to open the options menu navigator.

2) Click the ‘Apply’ button to open a request form popup. 

3) Complete your request by choosing the leave type, duration, and date, and hit “Submit”

  • Each leave type will display your current balance for reference.
  • Managers and admins will have the additional option to select which employee they're applying for.
  • Add a comment as necessary - depending on your setup, a comment may be required for the chosen leave type.

Additional tips:

  • If the request type requires approval, you will be informed that it has been routed to your manager, and notified again once approved or rejected. For non-approvals, AttendanceBot will let you know the leave is auto-approved and your manager will receive only an FYI alert.

  • While you can override single day requests by submitting a new request for the day, editing multi day requests will require that you delete the original request. This is done using the “time off” sub-menu - find more info in this article

  • As with all buttons, you can short-cut to the action by messaging AttendanceBot with the button name. In this case, DMing “apply” will open the leave menu, although you can further shortcut the request by messaging the type and timing of the leave, like “sick today” or “pto next thursday” or “jury duty jan 15 to 19”.

Here is a quick video walkthrough if you prefer: