You can refer to this video tutorial for understanding how to apply quotas: 

And below is the step wise process to set up quotas:

a) To setup leave quotas for your team in AttendanceBot, head to your Settings Panel by typing settings to the bot. Once you are in, navigate to VACATION MANAGEMENT-->Leaves-->Leave Types and Quotas page. By default, we have 8 different kinds of leave types with an Unlimited Annual Count and Accrual Interval as Annually, which means everyone can avail unlimited number of leaves for each leave type.

You can disable any leave type by clicking on the toggle button in the Active column. To delete any leave type, you can click on the delete button against that leave type.

b) You can also create any new leave types. To do so, mention the leave name in Leave Name and mention the synonyms associated with the leaves in the Keywords section like abc, def, ghi box. Leave synonyms are the words which are associated with that particular leave and can be used while applying for a leave in AttendanceBot.

For example in case of Working from home leave type, the synonyms could be wfh, WFH, WORK FROM HOME, Work from Home, Working at home, etc. Just mention all permutations of the word which you think might be useful while applying for this type of leave.

This is a good place to do some localisation in terms of language as well. If you are creating vacation types for non English speaking employees, you can add some synonyms in their local language. Set the basic rules for this new leave type.

c. If you need to set specific leave quotas for any leave type then click on the pencil icon
A new dialogue box will open where you can setup the basic leave (as mentioned above in point 2.) and accrual settings.

The various info/settings that needs to be updated for "Unlimited" and "Limited" leaves allotted, can be seen below

Unlimited Leaves allotted 

Limited Leaves allotted


d) Keywords and their meanings can be found here: 

1. Enable Half Day : If you enable this the users will be allowed to take half day leaves by typing something like working from home for the first half today or working from home for the second half today.

2. Allow Hourly timeoffs : If you enable this the users will be allowed to apply for an hourly leave by typing something like working from home from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

3. Approval Required : If you enable this then the leave will go out for approval to the manager of user requesting the leave.

4. Unlimited Quotas : If you enable this all the users will be given unlimited leaves for that leave type. You need to disable it in order to setup the accrual rules. Then fill the following details :

4.1 Annual Leave Count In Days : It is the total number of leaves accrued in a year.

4.2 Allow Negative Balance : It is enabled if you want to grant the users some leaves after they have exhausted their leave quotas.

4.3 Accrual Interval : It is the period during which the leave accruals happen. If you set it as Annually, the users will get all the leaves(mentioned as the Annual Leave Count in Days) in one go. If you set it as Monthly, the leaves will be distributed equally each month.

4.4 Max Negative Allowed In Days : It is the total negative leaves allowed if the user exhausts his/her accrued leaves.

4.5 Max Accrual Allowed In Days : It is the maximum number of leaves which the user can accrue in a month. If you set it equal to the Annual Leave Count In Days, it would mean that all the leaves left over with the user in that month, will lapse and he will only get the fresh number of leaves the next month.

4.6 Max Annual Rollover In Days : It is the maximum leaves which can be carried over in the subsequent year, if the user is left with some leaves at the end of the year. If you set it as 0, all the leaves will lapse at the end of the year and he will get new leaves at the beginning of the new year(based on the Annual Leave Count In Days).