You can refer to this video tutorial for understanding how to apply quotas: 

Below is the step wise process to set up accruals:

a) To setup leave accruals for your team in AttendanceBot, head to your Settings Panel by typing settings to the bot. Once you are in, navigate to VACATION MANAGEMENT-->Leaves-->Leave Types and Quotas page. By default, we have 8 different kinds of leave types, each with an unlimited balance and annual accrual interval. This means everyone can avail unlimited number of leaves for each leave type.

You can disable any leave type by clicking on the toggle button for status. To delete any leave type, you can click on the edit pencil and delete from within the configuration window.

b) You can also create any number of custom leave types. To do so, click "Create New", title the leave and assign synonyms associated with the leaves from the keywords section. Leave synonyms are the words which are associated with that particular leave and can be used while applying for a leave in AttendanceBot.

In the case of parental leave, you might include synonyms like maternity, paternal, or child care. In the case of "Working from office", keywords might include wfo, ito, hq, or even "driving in". Just mention all permutations of the word which you want to enable employees to use while requesting.

This is a good place to do some localisation in terms of language as well. If you are creating vacation types for non English speaking employees, you can add some synonyms in their local language. Set the basic rules for this new leave type.

c) If you need to set specific leave accruals for any leave type once again navigate to the edit window and select the second tab "accrual settings."

There are various settings that needs to be configured, with limited accruals requiring more configuration than unlimited.

Unlimited Leaves allotted 

Limited Leaves allotted


Meanings for each configuration are below: 

1. Allow hourly time offs : Users will be allowed to apply for leave by the hour; quick commands require start and end times like "wfo 12pm to 3pm Thursday"

2. Enable half days : Users will be allowed to take half day leaves; quick commands require "first half" or "second half" with each request like "sick second half today.:

3. Approval required : The leave will require approval from each employee's manager before confirmation in the system. If false, the leave type will be confirmed on request and send an FYI to managers.

4. Unlimited quotas : All users with access to this leave will have an unlimited balance. The following accrual settings apply only when quotas are "limited":

4.1 Accrual period : Interval during which the leave accruals happen. Annually mean all leave is accrued at the start of each year, whereas each subdivision divides the annual accrual into requisite number of periods and users only accrue that sub-total on the interval specified.

4.2 Annual leave count in days : Total number of leaves accrued annually. AttendanceBot will automatically calculate hourly & payroll accrual based on this annual number.

4.3 Cap on annual leave count : The maximum balance which users can accrue for this leave at any one time. One a user reaches this cap, all additional accrual will lapse and accrual will cease until after balance has dropped below this maximum.

4.4 Rollover in days : Number of days leave which rollover from one year to the next. If set at 0, all unused leaves are lost at the end of each year.

4.5 Allow negative balance : Allows users to request leave after they have exhausted their leave balance.

4.6 Max negative allowed in days : Grants the users specified days of leave they can use after they have exhausted their leave balance.