To create shifts for your team members in AttendanceBot, head to your Settings Panel by sending in the command settings to the bot and follow the link. Once you're in please navigate to Time Tracking-->Shift Management--> Create & View shifts page and follow these steps to create a new shift for a particular member of your team :

1. Click on a date against a particular user for whom you wish to create a shift.

2. A new dialogue box will open where you can set the shift START TIME and END TIME. You can also setup SHIFT REPEAT for the shift to repeat on particular day(s) for the next week or month.

3. Once the shift is created in AttendanceBot, the user will be notified on Slack that a new shift has been assigned to him.

4. You can see the Shifts as a Monthly, Weekly Or Daily view, by selecting the appropriate value from the View dropdown.

Refer to this tutorial video for better understanding:

Note : Once the shifts are created in AttendanceBot, you can also copy the shift to another user in your team