To configure Shift Attributes in AttendanceBot, please head to your Settings Panel by typing settings to the bot. Once you are in, navigate to People-->Personnel--> Custom fields and then follow these steps :

1. Create a new Shift Attribute of your choice by clicking on "Add" option. An attribute could be anything like an office, a role, a department, etc. Provide the Field name, and proceed with selecting type as "Multi Dropdown" and enter details like dropdown options, seen by etc. and hit "Save"

2. Once this is done, you will be notified that your attribute is created.

2. Now head to Shift Management-->Shift Attributes to view the attributes. To view the instances of an attribute, click on the Expand button. You can also delete any instance by clicking on the delete icon against a particular instance.

3. To configure the shifts for the users based on the attribute instances you created earlier, please make sure to assign these instances to the users by heading to People-->Personnel.

CREATING OPEN SHIFTS  (For help article on open shifts, please refer to this link)

a) Head to "Open Shifts" column and hit "Create New".

b) This will open another dialogue box where you can select the :

  • Shift Name
  • Start & End time
  • Days
  • Shift Attributes

c) Enter the details and hit "Save"

CREATING NORMAL SHIFTS  (For help article on creating shifts, please refer to this link)

a) Head to Create & View Shifts and select "Normal Shift" from the drop down

b)This will open another dialogue box where you can select the :

  • Employee
  • Date
  • Instance(Attribute value)

c) After entering the details hit "Create". You can then see the shift created for the user for the selected instance(Teams) in this case.