1. Overtime is the amount of time worked beyond your team member's scheduled "normal working hours." With AttendanceBot, you can create daily and weekly threshold hours beyond which overtime for employees will be calculated. 

2. Set up overtime thresholds so employees are paid extra depending on how many hours they worked in a given time period.

3. AttendanceBot automatically calculates overtime based on daily and weekly threshold rules configured by your employer.

Note that only managers/admins can create and change overtime rules for their team.

Refer to this short video to understand how to create overtime rules:

Step wise process mentioned below:

a) To create overtime rules, head to Settings -> Time Tracking -> Overtime.

b) Switch the toggle to "Active" for the kind of overtime you would want to apply i.e daily, weekly, consecutive days, daily double etc as per your requirement & update the hours and hit "Save Settings".

c) You can also set up alerts by heading to the "Overtime Alerts" option, ticking the check box & hitting "update"

d) We also have some Overtime Presets which can be used to setup Overtime. These are overtime templates which we have predefined and created for various states.

Please note these are only applicable for US teams 



If over 8 hours per day is overtime then you can set up a daily threshold of 8 hours. Any hours above 8 will be reported as overtime hours in the timesheet reports. 

You can also create automatic punch out so that a person gets logged out as soon as their daily thresholds are hit (they can of course punch back in to continue working).